Personalized Investment Solutions


The core of our business has always been helping individuals, couples, and families of all kinds make mindful financial decisions that support their values and their passions. We offer a comprehensive range of services including in depth personal financial and retirement planning, asset management, and philanthropic giving. For every service we offer, our team works with you to determine your unique parameters and goals.

If you aren’t interested in comprehensive services, are relatively tech-savvy, aren’t sure about hiring a human advisor, or are simply considering doing it yourself, we hope you will check out our digital services at


Since a number of our clients are small business owners, financial services for small businesses have become an integral part of our small business. We believe that locally-owned companies are the lifeblood of a healthy community and a healthy economy, so we help them develop long-term strategies for sustainable growth, devise financial literacy programs for their employees, assess their retirement plan options, and craft a graceful exit when they are ready to close-up shop.


At DeYoe Wealth Management we are passionate about giving back to our community. We are committed to nurturing the local non-profits that transform the way we experience the world or take care of the most vulnerable members of our community, and we put our money and ample volunteer time behind that commitment. We also provide professional advice to nonprofits who need help overcoming financial challenges, creating an endowment, or launching a capital campaign. We understand that nonprofits must do well financially if they hope to continue doing good. We encourage other financial services firms to support non-profit organizations, foundations, and endowments by adhering to these four core beliefs:

LOW COST: Lower costs lead to more good in the world. For a mission-driven organization, every dollar spent on services is a dollar less to spend on the mission. A vendor accepting a lower payment supports that mission.

LOWER FEES: We believe that lower cost services for small foundations and endowments can lead to more good in the world. For a mission-driven organization, every dollar spent on financial services is a dollar less to spend on their mission. A financial advisor accepting a reduced fee supports that mission.

GIVING: Those of us who have become successful within our communities have an obligation to give back to those communities. We commit to reducing costs while at the same time recycling our profits back into our communities through our own giving plans.

RESPONSIBILITY: Part of doing good in the world is limiting the negative side effects of your investing and multiplying the positive. There is no perfect model, but you can be mindful in your investments and still do incredibly well.