Holistic Financial Planning is the first step for all new DeYoe Wealth Management Clients. We begin by meeting with you to define your life planning goals, such as paying for your children’s education, charitable giving, downsizing your home, launching or closing a business, and retirement. Next we gather data about every aspect of your financial life and enter it into our powerful financial planning software program. Then we meet for a “reality check” to make sure the numbers look right to you, we have all the relevant information, and we’ve understood your goals. Once we’ve built your baseline plan, we meet yet again to review your personal planning scenarios and discuss income, saving, insurance, and investment strategies that could help you improve your current financial situation and reach your long-term goals. After we’ve agreed on a course of action together, we deliver your Financial Plan and begin helping you implement our investment, insurance, and risk management recommendations.

A financial plan is a living breathing document that should change as your life changes. Once you’ve completed our initial planning process, we meet with you at least annually to make sure you’re still on target to reach your goals. This annual check-up helps you and our team make any necessary adjustments if your plan has drifted off course. And when you’re considering a major life change, like buying a new home or retiring, our planners are there to help you run the numbers and determine the best course of action.