Want a sneak-peek into our Mindful Wealth Mapping process? We’ll walk you through exactly what to expect when you partner with us. No curveballs here.

Step 1: Our First Meeting – “Explore Fit” 

You want an advisor who is a fee-only fiduciary (of course). And, we are. But more than that, you want someone with both financial expertise and human empathy. You want an advisor who already serves other clients like you. And, we want you to have that.

In this first meeting (and our conversations leading up to it) we encourage you to ask all the difficult questions. This meeting is a time for us both to decide if we have a personal and philosophical “fit.” If we aren’t the sort of people you can take advice from when things don’t go as planned (which happens from time-to-time), then you should never become a client.

Step 2: We Gather Data For Your Mindful Wealth Map

Once we’ve decided that we’re an excellent fit, we take the info you give us in our first meeting and we ask questions. We define and prioritize your life goals—paying for your children’s education, charitable giving, downsizing your home, launching or closing a business, and a retirement income you can’t outlive. We get all the details on your income, expenses, investments, and debt.

Step 3: We Consider The “What-Ifs”

We bring to light your biggest fears. We talk through all the what-if scenarios you may encounter and incorporate them into your Mindful Wealth Map. What if you lost your job? What if you or a loved one were disabled in an accident? What if you became financially responsible for a parent? What if you moved to Europe? We lay all these out in the open so we can make informed decisions.

Step 4: We Evaluate & Analyze “Trade-Offs”

We look at your current financial situation relative to your long-term desired future outcomes to determine what actions you need to take to meet your goals—given a conservative set of assumptions. We discuss income, savings, insurance, and investment strategies that improve your current financial situation and help you reach your long-term goals.

Together, we walk through potential trade-offs you need to make to meet your goals and we change anything that doesn’t look quite right. We make sure your Mindful Wealth Map is a reflection of everything that matters most to you.

Step 5: We Activate Your Mindful Wealth Map

Once your Mindful Wealth Map is how you like it and you’re happy with your Trade-offs and believe your What-ifs are covered, we meet again to put your plan in motion. We start managing your assets; we initiate your savings and investing plans; we set up entities; we make sure all your accounts are titled correctly; we introduce our network of professionals. Simply put, we activate your Mindful Wealth Map.

Step 6: We Review Your Progress

We meet at least once a year to make sure you’re on track to meet your financial goals. If something isn’t lined up with your Mindful Wealth Map, we adjust it. If a major life event is around the corner—like buying a new home or retiring—we help you run the numbers and make an informed decision.

Life changes as you get older. Your financial plan should too.