You don’t just want to do well with your money. You want to do good. For some folks that means socially responsible investing. For others it means charitable giving. And for others, it means having time to serve their communities. Nothing makes us happier than helping our clients both do well and do good.

What does it mean to you?

Answering that question starts by having a conversation with a dedicated team of Bay Area fiduciary advisors. We serve individuals and families in our downtown Berkeley office—bringing clarity to their financial choices, helping them make better decisions, and improving their quality of life. 

We know you need a reliable income stream that keeps up with your rising cost-of-living and enables you to concentrate on the things that matter.

We know that health and education are paramount to passing your success onto your heirs.

We understand that you want a satisfying life before and after retirement and you need to feel secure that you’ll be able to pay for it all.

We also know that your family and your community matter a great deal to you. It is our community too.

We practice holistic wealth management because it gives us the greatest chance to both improve the quality of lives while our clients are alive AND enhance their impact on the world after they’re gone.


The Mindful Wealth Map takes the 50,000 foot view. It considers where you fit into your community on a local, national, and global scale. It acknowledges that your financial decisions extend far beyond you, your immediate family, and the next generation.

The Mindful Wealth Map anticipates life’s changes. It takes into account every stage of your life and understands that your goals and desires may change over time. The map allows you to pre-experience the long-term outcomes of decisions you have to make today

The Mindful Wealth Map looks at the whole you. It recognizes your challenges, your commitments, your goals, and your values as well as your assets, liabilities, income, and expenses

The size of your investment portfolio is meaningless until it’s used to improve the quality of your life. We plan and invest; we ask questions and coordinate; we simplify and educate. We manage the details so you can live the dream.


Our mission is to inspire our clients to pursue their passions and make financial decisions that are firmly rooted in their values.

Every client engagement starts with our “Explore Fit” Meeting. In this meeting—and the conversations leading up to it—we begin to understand the human being that might become our client. We begin to learn what is important to them in their lives and what is important to them about money. We decide if we are the right firm for you.

There are many reasons why our firm may not be a great fit for someone and we’ll say so when we see it. To protect our culture and to maintain the level of service our clients expect, we limit the number of new clients we take on every year.

So, if you don’t think we’re an excellent fit… tell us. And, be as specific as possible. If I know an advisor that I think would be a better fit, I’m happy to introduce you.

Once you become a client, we’ll get to know every financial detail about your life through our Mindful Wealth Mapping process. We want to understand your life goals and help you define financial independence and security on your terms—for you and the people who matter most to you.

Together, we determine where you are on your financial journey, where you want to go, and how you want to be remembered.