There’s a lot of financial noise out there. You want customized financial advice that changes with you—as your life changes. Our firm and your Mindful Life Map are designed to do just that.

DeYoe Wealth Management is a registered investment advisor in Berkeley, CA. Established in 2001, we offer holistic financial planning and asset management services to about 250 families in the San Francisco Bay Area.

When you choose to work with DeYoe Wealth Management, you’re choosing a team of dedicated fiduciaries who value relationships. To us, it isn’t a question of legal ethics… You are family, we want to help you succeed.

When things are great, we celebrate you; when things are more challenging, we help you discover the best path forward. As an independent firm that maintains the highest fiduciary standard of care, your interests always come before any others.

A Team Of Advisors To Help You Succeed

As a family with diverse sources of income and significant assets, you need a team of advisors to keep your financial life running smoothly. When you’re navigating complex financial issues and need services we don’t offer, we introduce our network of professionals and coordinate interactions to keep everything simple, on track, and in-service to your Mindful Wealth Map.

Already work with other trusted professionals? We gladly work with your attorney, CPA, insurance agent, or other service providers at your request.

Need help understanding your other service providers’ recommendations? We help with that too. We pride ourselves in our ability to explain tax treatment and estate planning concepts in plain English, so you can make informed decisions.

Too many moving pieces in your financial puzzle? Let’s put all the pieces into a Mindful Wealth Map so we can bring them into alignment.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of financial concerns, sources of advice, businesses, trusts, accounts and people in your life, we can bring the many voices into harmony while you focus on living life and pursuing dreams.