Cultivate true wealth with a financial plan firmly-rooted in your personal values.

At DeYoe Wealth Management we don’t offer cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill investment solutions.

You have unique values. You have remarkable passions. You have tremendous goals. You should have a made-just-for-you financial plan and an investment portfolio to match. 

That’s why our financial plans and portfolio strategies begin with you in mind. Your values. Your passions. Your goals.  

Whether you’re an individual wanting to build multi-generational wealth, a business-owner looking for succession planning, or a non-profit foundation doing great work in this world, we build a sustainable financial future for you (and everyone dear to your heart).

Life is complex, but your financial plan shouldn’t be. Let’s simplify your financial picture with a Mindful Wealth Map.

Where are you now?

Our Mindful Wealth Map balances your current financial needs with future financial goals. When life offers you an unexpected detour, we adjust your map to match. No matter where you are, you can mindfully use your wealth to build relentless happiness.

Where do you want to be?

Your success is heavily influenced by your beliefs and behavior. With a crystal clear vision of your desired financial future, we map the specific choices and steps that take you there. When life throws you curveballs, we offer compassionate fiduciary guidance to help you stay the course. 

How do you want to be remembered?

Abundance is a beautiful thing. What you choose to do with it could be even more beautiful. Whether it’s multi-generational wealth or generous charitable giving, we want to help you build a legacy that supports who you love and what you care about today and long after you’re gone. 


You have dreams to discover. You have passions and goals to pursue. Everything we do starts with knowing YOU.


Making conscious trade-offs rather than on-the-fly emotional decisions yields the greatest happiness return.


We rely on academic evidence for portfolio design. Our core principles are: appropriate asset-allocation, diversification, rebalancing, tax-efficiency, and the academic factors of performance. 

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