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Consistent Communication

Consistent Communication is a commitment that DeYoe Wealth Management makes to all of our clients. Since we know that the dominant variable in financial success is investor behavior, we work hard to help clients become informed, educated investors who are capable of making the right decisions for their long-term financial health.

We communicate with each client several times a year vial weekly e-mails, one-on-one meetings, quarterly phone calls, webinars, small seminars, two annual education forums, and numerous social events. Folks who choose to work with DeYoe Wealth Management are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities we offer to meet with us and our extended "family" of clients. Please see Client Events for this year's schedule of client appreciation events.

The highlights of our consistent communication include:

  • Weekly Market Commentary
  • Quarterly Economic & Market Updates
  • Annual Economic Forecast and Half-Time Reports
  • Small Seminars on Planning Topics like Long Term Care Insurance, Socially Responsible Investing, Medicare, Life Insurance, and Social Security
  • Comprehensive Annual Review
  • Yearly One-on-One education session on the topic of your choice
  • Quarterly phone calls to touch base
  • Client requested meetings or conference calls whenever needed

We realize that communication isn’t a one-way street, which is why we encourage clients to give us detailed, honest feedback on how we can improve our customer service. We conduct an annual survey, so that clients can give us anonymous, in-depth feedback. Results of this survey are shared with clients and considered carefully during our annual Strategic Planning Meeting. We also check in with clients during their annual reviews and client education meetings to identify specific ways we can take better care of them and meet their individual needs.

Perhaps the most powerful agent for constant improvement at DeYoe Wealth management is our Advisory Council - a diverse group of clients that meets with us at least once a year to do a detailed, fearless accounting of both our successes and short-comings. They talk, we listen, and all of our clients benefit.


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