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Holistic Planning

Holistic Planning: Mapping a Future of Fulfillment

Before we invest your assets, we work closely with you to devise a plan that takes into consideration your individual circumstances. First we identify who you are, how you view the world, and what matters to you. Then we determine your starting point, factoring in your age, the assets you’ve already accumulated, and the successes and challenges that have brought you to this point of your journey. Finally, we map the purpose, time horizon, and targets for your investments, taking into consideration the trade-offs you are willing (and unwilling) to make, the level of return that is required for successful realization of your financial plan, and the amount and types of risk you’ll need to tolerate to reach your goals.


Each of us has a unique vision for the future, and that vision should guide the creation of your financial plan. At DeYoe Wealth Management, our first task is to fully understand your values and help you clarify and prioritize your objectives. Once we understand the big picture, we begin developing your plan. We won’t just evaluate your financial life in terms of dollars and cents. Your specific long-term goals for your life, your family and your legacy will be our guiding light as we strive to help you create a roadmap to your future that is clear and well defined.


Whether your situation is complex or straightforward, it is vital that you weigh all your options and consider the effect those options might have on your personal plans. Guided by your specific needs and concerns, our team utilizes unbiased research from a variety of sources to develop a gap analysis and make recommendations based on fundamental principles of strategic asset allocation and diversification, as well as risk management and tax planning. We work hard to truly understand your priorities and fully explore your opportunities, so that we can help you choose solutions that match your unique vision.


Creating and implementing your comprehensive financial plan is only the beginning of the journey. We provide an ongoing process of review, evaluation, and action that helps keep you on your chosen path throughout your lifetime. Our carefully crafted strategies are designed to be adaptive, flexible, and open to revision as your needs (and the world around you) changes. Ultimately, our goal is to allow you to lead a fulfilling life as you define it.



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