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Customized Asset Management

Customized Asset Management: Investment Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

There is no “one-size-fits-all” in investing.  We follow a personalized portfolio design process that yields specific, targeted, tangible results tailored to your individual needs. While each of our clients has unique circumstances and the market is constantly in flux, all of our investment recommendations are shaped by the same core beliefs in a few fundamental “truths”.

Perhaps the greatest of all investing truths is that the primary determinant to real-life returns isn’t investment "performance," but investor behavior. In other words, the critical variable for investor success isn’t what your investments do. It's what you do. This is why it’s critical that your portfolio reflects your personal risk tolerance and honors your principles.

This timeless, immutable truth is rarely spoken about in mainstream financial media. Instead, the airwaves are dominated by sensational headlines that tout which stocks are tanking, what money managers are outperforming their peers, and where the latest economic crisis is occurring. If the media focused on the boring reality that investor behavior is what drives long-term financial success, newscasters, reporters, and bloggers would find themselves sounding like a broken record. Consequently, viewers and readers would tune out, and these outlets would go out of business. The media doesn’t tell the truth. The media generates the news. A producer’s mission is to identify the dominant "event" of any given 24-hour news cycle, stir up peoples’ emotions, and draw viewers in for a wild roller coaster ride that pays off in increased advertising dollars to whoever claims the greatest audience share.    

The investment approaches that afford the highest likelihood for success are very different from what popular culture suggests. If paying close attention to the latest economic news and following the stock market religiously doesn’t guarantee superior results, what does work? What sound practices can help a client household attain better lifetime returns than virtually all of its peers? What strategies can carry that household to the 99th percentile of real-life returns? At DeYoe Wealth Management, we believe long-term financial fulfillment is best achieved by adhering to three age-old values and three time-tested behaviors that inform every aspect of our practice.



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