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At Forward Giving, we believe in four things and seek to support organizations that share these beliefs:

1. LOW COST - Lower costs lead to more Good in the world.  If you are a Mission Driven Organization, every dollar you spend on services is a dollar less to spend on your mission. A vendor accepting a lessor payment supports your mission. Sample Fee Schedule

2. HONESTY - Excellence in portfolio management is NOT a function of better predictions (no matter how much our culture tells us it is).  It is a function of excellent planning, basic risk management and a healthy respect for markets and the long-term good they can do. No one can predict the future -- we just admit it.

3. GIVING – It is incumbent upon each of us who have become successful within our communities to give back to those communities.  We commit to reducing costs while at the same time recycling our profits back into our communities through our own giving plans.

4. RESPONSIBILITY - Part of doing good in the world is limiting the negative side effects of your investing.  It isn’t a perfect science, but you can be socially responsible in your investments and still do incredibly well. Socially Responsible Investing


Non-Profit Foundation Solutions

Forward Giving is an alliance of experienced and established fiduciaries dedicated to mission-driven organizations (MDOs) throughout the United States.  Each alliance member:

  1. Maintains a separate successful private advisory practice;
  2. Agrees to reduce their service fees to Foundations and Endowments;
  3. Agrees to work and learn as a team of independents to better support our Mission Driven clients.  We meet and talk on a regular basis to discuss best practices and changes that may effect the Foundation / Endowment universe.
  4. Guides their Foundation / Endowment clients towards Socially Responsible Investing; and 
  5. Returns their profit (minimum 50%, recommended 100%) from endowment / foundation clients back to their communities through their own foundations or donor advised funds. 


Jonathan DeYoe of DeYoe Wealth Management in Berkeley, CA founded Forward Giving as a way to “give back” from within his area of experience.  Starting his private firm in 2001 with 7 clients, Jonathan built a small financial planning firm to serve nearly 200 clients.  He is the author of the Happiness Dividend Blog and his family’s giving is focused on:

  1. Poverty and the working poor,
  2. Financial Literacy, and
  3. Entrepreneurship Development

*** We are actively seeking advisor partners.  With the addition of new partners, Forward Giving will become the Forward Giving Alliance.  We will be a group of Advisors committed to the same ends -- working together to reduce the costs and enhance the fiduciary services offered to Foundations and Endowments.


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