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A Commitment to Unparalled Customer Service

Professional photographers will often set their camera on a tripod if they are taking a photograph in low light or trying to capture a moving target. The tripod’s three legs help the camera remain stable, which is especially valuable when creating time-lapsed images. The tripod approach can also be the key to long-term financial freedom, which is why DeYoe Wealth Management offers the three comprehensive services we believe every client needs: holistic planningcustomized asset management, and consistent communication.  

Industry research shows that financial firms generally provide adequate asset management, but far too many ignore the planning and communication “legs”.  In study after study, a vast majority of uniquely successful individuals and families have said that they are disappointed in their financial advisors for 2 primary reasons:

1)      They feel their advisors haven’t offered them sufficient planning;

2)      Their advisor fails to communicate with them often enough, in the right way, or on the right topics. 

At DeYoe Wealth Management, we know that a tripod can’t balance on one leg. Our team strives for excellence in all three areas. We believe that our commitment to providing unparalleled customer service and the comprehensive holistic planningcustomized asset management, and consistent communication our clients deserve will help them pursue financial stability and long-term success.


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